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Description : Waking up next to a hot female. What all men dream about. Subscribe to our Channel! Make sure to subscribe to this Sexy girls channel! Share this Video! Having sex with a hot girl can be a very awesome experience but what happens when you wake up and find yourself having mixed emotions about the sexy encounter you just had? Well watch as this fat guy wakes up next to a very sexy girl only to be ashamed of what happened the night before! Funny situation! Fat guy: What the hell? Hot girl: Good Morning! Fat guy: Wait, what did we do last night? Hot girl: Oh my God, you don't remember? We had like the best sex ever! Fat guy: You bitch! You fucking bitch. You took my virginity? I feel so dirty! Hot girl: You know what? You know how many guys would die to sleep with me? Fat guy: I'm not one of those guys! I was saving it for someone special. Hot girl: I thought you said i was special? Fat guy: I was drunk when i said that to you. Hot girl: You're a fucking idiot. Fat guy: You ruined me. You fucking ruined me bitch. My mom's going to be mad at me. Damn! Just leave me alone. Get out of here! Hot girl: What do you mean get out of here? This is my freaking place. You get out of here! Fat guy: Just leave me alone! I need to cover up my chest. Hot girl: What? Fat guy: I have bigger boobs than you do. Get out of here! Hot girl: Really? Fat guy: Leave me alone (crying) I should have never met you on craigslist! If you liked sex with hot girl, which by the way was something we filmed really quick on the spot, make sure to check out our other videos! We produce some high-quality, funny videos! check them out on our page!
Date : 21 November 2013
Uploaded By : WordUpduke

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